Woodleigh B11/12 Kang (b 08) Woodpeckers

Registration number: 1051
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Leader: Emma
Woodleigh was one of 16 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during MESC Soccer 7s 2020. They participated with one team in Boys 11/12 Kangaroos (born 2008).

In addition to Woodleigh, 7 other teams played in Boys 11/12 Kangaroos (born 2008). They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Woodleigh Woodpeckers could be found in Group A together with Langwarrin Blue, Mount Eliza Kangas Reds and Langwarrin Royals.

Woodleigh comes from South frankston which lies approximately 2 km from Mt Eliza, where MESC Soccer 7s takes place. The area around South frankston does also provide 14 additional clubs participating during MESC Soccer 7s 2020 (Among others: Bayside/Southern, Mount Eliza, Mount Martha, Mornington, Aspendale Stingrays, Langwarrin, Class on Grass, Mount Martha Mariners, Peninsula Strikers and MSC/MMSC/Langwarrin).

6 games played


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